Hecla Water Association

The Hecla Water Association, Inc. provides clean, safe drinking water to approximately 13,000 connections in the rural areas of Lawrence County, Ohio. Nearly 3 million gallons a day of treated drinking water is distributed through the 600 miles of water lines on the Hecla Water System.

This report is required by the EPA and contains the results of water quality tests performed during the prior year. The purpose of the report is to inform consumers about their drinking water.
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*Online payments are for water usage only. Deposits & other fees must be processed through the corporate office.

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Be Aware of 3rd Party Bill Pay Sites

Those who pay online need to carefully review what web site you are using. Third party bill pay sites advertise the Hecla Water name in order to get you to use their service. They will charge you a service fee to use their site. HeclaWater.com does not charge a fee to make credit card payments. If you have any questions regarding your online account please contact our office and we will verify it has been set up correctly.

Updating Customer Contact Information

Hecla Water is developing a customer notification system. The first step is to update customer information, phone numbers and email addresses that are on file. Please contact our office to update your information. Our goal is to provide a more efficient way to notify customers of an outage or a boil advisory.

Improvements to Be Complete in 2017

Hecla Water with assistance from USDA has almost completed upgrades to different parts of the system. Athalia and Big Paddy residents will have the benefit of a new booster station. Federal Creek, Scottown, Slate Run and many other customers will experience less outages with improvements made to other booster stations in the area. The project is scheduled for completion in early 2017.

New Storage Tank for Decatur Customers

2016 brought upgrades to the Hecla Water infrastructure. One such improvement went to State Route 93 in the Decatur area. Residents were served out of an aging steel water tank. The tank was built in the early 1970's. It has given us many years of dependable service, however recent leaks have made repairs too costly for it to remain in operation. In the past 6 months Hecla has engineered, purchased and have constructed a new 80,000 gallon glass lined water storage tank. Life expectancy of this style of tank is about 30 years. Crews will demolish the old tank sometime in the spring of 2017.

Don't Dig Up Trouble!

The Ohio Utilities Protection Service requires contractors and private citizens to call or click on their website 48 hours before digging. All utilities are notified of the digging location. Disregard of this state law causes water outages in some areas. It may also cause damages to be paid by the responsible party.

1-800-362-2764 - It's a State Law!