Hecla Water Association

The Hecla Water Association, Inc. provides clean, safe drinking water to approximately 10,000 connections in the rural areas of Lawrence County, Ohio. Nearly 3 million gallons a day of treated drinking water is distributed through the 500 miles of water lines on the Hecla Water System.

This report is required by the EPA and contains the results of water quality tests performed during the prior year. The purpose of the report is to inform consumers about their drinking water.
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Kitts Hill Gets a New Water Tank

Kitts Hill is getting a new water storage tank. The existing tank located on Homeless Road was constructed in 1971 during the first construction phase of the Hecla Water system. The painted steel tank with a storage capacity of 50,000 gallons was designed to serve about 100 homes in the Kitts Hill area, Dogfork, and parts of Homeless Road and Oak Ridge Road. |read more|

In an effort to make the Hecla Water system better and stronger with fewer chances of water outages in the future, construction projects are under way using funds from savings. Some of the projects include; installing a booster pumping station at Hecla Water garage, drilling test wells on
the new property in Hamilton Township, and erecting a new water storage tank at Kitts Hill.

Your Water Quality is Our Job One!

Hecla Water's constant goal is to provide consumers with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. Continuous efforts are made to improve the water treatment process and protect Hecla's water resources. Trained water professionals are on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Don't Dig Up Trouble!

The Ohio Utilities Protection Service requires contractors and private citizens to call or click on their website 48 hours before digging. All utilities are notified of the digging location. Disregard of this state law causes water outages in some areas. It may also cause damages to be paid by the responsible party.

1-800-362-2764 - It's a State Law!